Markets for Electronic Book Products: Emerging Markets for Books, from Creator to Consumer

Bill Cope and Dean Mason (eds)

Published by C2C Research Series

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Book: Print $US30.00
Book: Electronic $US10.00

Promoting an understanding of the nature of an epublishing ecology.

Book: Print (Paperback), ISBN: 1863350942. Book: Electronic (PDF File; 903.689KB), ISBN: 1863350950. Published by C2C Research Series.

Dean Mason

Prior to establishing Enakt and working with Common Ground, Dean was a director of a leading library supplier, Mason's Book Centre, providing libraries throughout Australia and New Zealand with a range of book acquisition services. Prior to this he worked in the computer industry, after graduating from The University of Melbourne where he completed a double Arts/Commerce degree, majoring in Economics, History and Mandarin. Contact Dean on email:


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